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How to unregister Blink Camera without account?

How to unregister Blink Camera without account?

Ah, Blink cameras. Those little guardians of your home, keeping tabs on pets, prowlers, and everything in between.

But what happens when you need to say goodbye to your trusty Blink? Maybe you’re upgrading, selling it, or gifting it to a friend.

The snag?

It’s tied to someone else’s account.

Fear not, I’m here to guide you through the uncharted territory of “how to unregister Blink Camera without account”. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

First things first, let’s assess the situation. Did you inherit this Blink camera from a friend or family member?

Did you snag it at a garage sale (score!)?

Knowing the origin story will help us choose the best path to un-linking it.

  • If you have access to the previous owner: This is the easiest route. Simply convince them to open the Blink app, navigate to “Manage Account,” and tap the sweet, sweet “Delete Account” button. Poof! The camera is free and ready for your loving embrace.
  • If the previous owner is MIA: Don’t fret! You can still claim your Blinky friend. Contact Blink support and explain your predicament. They’re wizards with accounts and might be able to help you switch the email address associated with the camera, essentially giving you the keys to the kingdom (or at least the Blink app).
  • Ghost Protocol: No account, no email, just a camera staring back at you like a digital enigma? Don’t fret. This is where the reset button comes in. Locate the Sync Module (the brains of the operation) and find the tiny reset button hiding on its side. Hold it down for 10 seconds with a paperclip (think MacGyver, not magician), and watch the module reboot. The camera is now untethered and ready for your grand re-introduction.
How do I unregister a Blink Camera from someone else's account?

No worries, if it is already registered, this isn’t a dead end. Remember, we have options:

  • Reset the camera: This is the nuclear option, but sometimes, it’s the only way. Locate the Sync Module (the brains of the operation) and find that tiny reset button. Hold it down for 10 seconds with a paperclip, and watch the magic happen. The camera will be factory-fresh, ready for a new home (and account).
  • Blink Mini Reset: If you’re dealing with a Blink Mini, the process is similar. Just unplug it, find the reset button on its back (it’s sneaky!), and hold it down for 10 seconds until the blue light does its disco dance. Boom, Mini reset and ready to mingle.

For the Mini specifically, follow these steps to wipe its slate clean:

  1. Power down the Mini.
  2. Find that sneaky reset button on the back.
  3. Channel your inner hummingbird and hold that button for 10 seconds with your trusty paperclip.
  4. Release and wait for the blue light to do its disco routine. Boom, Mini’s ready to mingle with your new account.
Video guide by BlinqBlinq (No Paid Promotion)

Okay, so you’ve tried everything, and the account is like a stubborn ghost refusing to leave. Don’t throw in the towel just yet!

This is where the “reset” button becomes your best friend.

Follow the steps above for either the regular Blink camera or the Mini, and voila! Clean slate, no account drama.


Unlinking your Blink camera from other services like Amazon is a piece of cake.

Just open the Blink app, tap on “Account,” choose “Amazon Account Linked,” and then click “Unlink Accounts.”

Remember, unlinking might pause your subscription plan, so be prepared for that.

Don’t despair! This just means someone else has laid claim to your potential security superstar.

Follow the “What if my Blink camera is already registered?” section to reclaim your camera and make it yours.

Bonus Tip: Remember, safety first! Before diving into any unregistering shenanigans, make sure you have the new owner’s email address

or consent if you’re gifting the camera. Sharing login details is a no-no,

so keep those passwords under lock and key (not in plain sight on a sticky note under the camera, okay?).

With these tips and tricks, unregistering your Blink camera is a walk in the park. So go forth, and conquer your home security with confidence!

Just remember, with great camera power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely (and maybe point it away from the fridge during late-night snack raids).



Meet Alex Thompson, a tech-savvy wordsmith residing in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Born on February 21, 1988, Alex has cultivated a deep passion for all things tech since childhood. As a dedicated writer, he specializes in delivering insightful reviews and up-to-the-minute coverage on the latest deals in the world of personal computing. From gaming PCs to laptops, mobiles, and headphones, Alex's articles provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge technology. His engaging writing style combines technical expertise with a knack for breaking down complex concepts, making him a trusted source for anyone navigating the dynamic landscape of consumer electronics in the United States.

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